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Preparing for the Malaysian Ball

29 Sep

Just did my Contextual Studies Speech today. Did my speech on the CPSA Building…glad it was over…not a big fan of doing speeches. Now focusing on finishing my design stuff now. Loads of models to do…can’t wait for project 3 to be over.

Now enough of that…I bought my heels yesterday with my best friend, Oreo yesterday for the Malaysian Ball that is on Saturday! So excited about the ball hehehe the last ball I went to was the Year 13 Formal…did enjoy it that much…but I am sure this Malaysian Ball will be fun hehehehe I am going with my best friend! Wish dearest Carmiieee was still here then we could all go together…the 3 of us!


  1. Cute Black Purse -Done
  2. Black Heels – Done
  3. Red Headband – Done
  4. Necklace – Done
  5. Bracelet – Done
  6. Earrings – Done
  7. Ring – Done
  8. Coat- Done
  9. Dress – Done

Oooooo can’t wait for Saturday! So excited! Will post photos soon!


Carmiieee Babe!

27 Sep

Carmiieee, it has already been exactly a month and I am still thinking about you. I miss you so so so much! Even we though we met each other in 2009 but it felt like I knew you forever. I keep looking back at all the photos we have taken together and recalling all the fun and happy memories we have together.

Remember this one hehehe it was the first time we met and became friends at Boey’s Birthday party.

Formal Night when we were in High School.

Oreo, Bel Bel & Carmiieee!

Piggy-back Ride!

Graduation Day!

Oreo’s 19th Birthday on 19 March 2010.

Your chocolate chip cream, my hot chocolate and Oreo’s Caffe Mocha!

The Last Photo! Remember the pretty dress we tried on at Forever New!

Have you finish reading all our messages that we sent to you? Did you like the pretty balloons?

I miss you so much, little muffin! We will see each other again one day! Love you heaps, my sweet angel.

10 May 1991 – 27 August 2011

Best Friends Forever!

Instax Mini 7s

27 Sep

Instax Mini 7s is a Polaroid camera and it is an awesome for capturing beautiful and sweet memories. The stylish Instax Mini 7s is light and compact, meaning it goes anywhere. It is easy to operate and it comes in blue and pink. My best friend, Carmiieee (that’s her nickname) owned a pink one and she took so many lovely photos with it. Here are a couple of photos she took with the instax mini 7s. Isn’t she so gorgeous and cute?! hehehe I miss her so much!

This is a photo of Carmiieee and her snowman & it was taken when it was snowing on 25 July 2011.

This is a photo of her with one of our friends.

I am thinking of getting one but can’t decide which colour to get…the blue….or….the pink. Hmmm…which one?


  • Only use Fujifilm Instant Color Film “instax mini” for Mini 7 or Mini 7s
  • Film size = 54 x 86mm (W x H)
  • Image size = 46 x 62mm
  • Fujinon lens, f=60mm, 1:12.7, 2 components 2 elements
  • Inverted Galilean finder, magnification 0.4, with target mark
  • Focusing 0.6m – infinity
  • Electronic shutter 1/60-sec
  • Manual on/off (LED indicator in exposure meter) exposure compensation
  • Automatic film feeding
  • Automatic flash in low light, automatic adjustment, 0.2 – 6 second recycle time, range of 0.6 – 2.7m
  • Operated by four LR6 / AA-size 1.5V alkaline batteries; shooting capacity of around 20 packs
  • Product Size: 119.5*121.5 *70.5

Sleeping Beauty Sponge Magic Curling Irons

27 Sep

Hey, I have recently found this cool hair curlers from This product enables you to create the airy curly hair by yourself even without perm. The curly look could be washed away easily so that you may have different styles according to your mood!

How to use it

  1. At night, shampoo hair and dry with hairdryer. Bind a tuft of hair and pass the end of hair through the slit of the loose curler rod.
  2. Make sure it firmly clips the hair. Then roll upwards.
  3. Roll until the appropriate position, then buckle up the rod.
  4. Go to bed as usual. You may have the curly hair style in the following morning.
  5. Use styling spray if necessary.

A friend of mine tried this hair curler and it really works. So, I am thinking of getting one for myself. It sounds so tempting to buy and it is not expensive at all! There is 6 in a pack.


26 Sep

This is my very first post kekeke What to say? Hmmm…

I am studying Bachelor of Architectural Studies…1st Year! Quite tough…lol…but i will get through it…even though I have no experience in anything to do with architecture and struggling at times.

Holidays coming soon in 2 weeks time! A much needed break from study hehehe Yay! So excited!!!!

A little about me:-

I love watching movies, listening to music and shopping!

Fav Books:

Harry Potter series, Twilight series, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Nicholas Sparks’s Novels, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl

Fav Movies:

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight, James Bond, Black Swan, Bride Wars, The Last Samurai, The Proposal

Fav Artists:

SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, Beast, SNSD, KARA, 4Minute, f(x), SHINee, Taylor Swift

Thats it for now…Tune in for the next blog