Carmiieee Babe!

27 Sep

Carmiieee, it has already been exactly a month and I am still thinking about you. I miss you so so so much! Even we though we met each other in 2009 but it felt like I knew you forever. I keep looking back at all the photos we have taken together and recalling all the fun and happy memories we have together.

Remember this one hehehe it was the first time we met and became friends at Boey’s Birthday party.

Formal Night when we were in High School.

Oreo, Bel Bel & Carmiieee!

Piggy-back Ride!

Graduation Day!

Oreo’s 19th Birthday on 19 March 2010.

Your chocolate chip cream, my hot chocolate and Oreo’s Caffe Mocha!

The Last Photo! Remember the pretty dress we tried on at Forever New!

Have you finish reading all our messages that we sent to you? Did you like the pretty balloons?

I miss you so much, little muffin! We will see each other again one day! Love you heaps, my sweet angel.

10 May 1991 – 27 August 2011

Best Friends Forever!


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