Preparing for the Malaysian Ball

29 Sep

Just did my Contextual Studies Speech today. Did my speech on the CPSA Building…glad it was over…not a big fan of doing speeches. Now focusing on finishing my design stuff now. Loads of models to do…can’t wait for project 3 to be over.

Now enough of that…I bought my heels yesterday with my best friend, Oreo yesterday for the Malaysian Ball that is on Saturday! So excited about the ball hehehe the last ball I went to was the Year 13 Formal…did enjoy it that much…but I am sure this Malaysian Ball will be fun hehehehe I am going with my best friend! Wish dearest Carmiieee was still here then we could all go together…the 3 of us!


  1. Cute Black Purse -Done
  2. Black Heels – Done
  3. Red Headband – Done
  4. Necklace – Done
  5. Bracelet – Done
  6. Earrings – Done
  7. Ring – Done
  8. Coat- Done
  9. Dress – Done

Oooooo can’t wait for Saturday! So excited! Will post photos soon!


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