Blazer + Boots + Accessories + Dress

10 Nov

Doing some shopping really got rid of some of the stress from the horrid assignments…kekekeke…shopping is my stress reliever (for real!) The satisfaction you felt after buying things that you like…clothes…jewellery…shoes…

I bought a royal blue knitted blazer from Dotti for $29.99 and I absolutely adore it. When I saw it I just couldn’t take my eyes of it. This gorgeous blazer is really nice to wear on a cooling spring day (when you do not want to wear a thick coat  or a puffer jacket).

Also from Dotti I bought a pair of lovely angel wrap boots for $29.99 as well. The original price was $89.99 and so I basically I saved $60. IT IS SO BLOODY WORTH IT plus it is very comfortable to wear.

From Equip, I bought a cool looking headband for $5.99 and to me it is simple and can be worn when you are going to  parties, dinners & it is easy to match with casual clothing.

This is how it would look like when it is worn.

Also from Equip, I bought an Ivory Diamante Chiffon Flowers Headband for only $5 and it was originally $13.99. Worth it ae!

This is how it looks like when it is worn (Forgive me for my long-ish fringe)

Right now in Equip there is a “buy 1, get 1 free” offer and so I bought a couple of pretty necklaces and only paying for the price of one. I think it is really good offer because one of the necklace is $16.99 – the one with the heart + butterfly + pearl + tassle and the other one is $14.99 – diamond encrusted Eiffel Tower (which I got for free), whereas if I was to pay full price…it would have cost me about $22…see how much i saved from that “buy 1, get 1 free” offer!


Free (Originally $14.99)

Apart from that I also bought a lacy-looking white dress that comes with a belt as well for $35.99 from Valleygirl. I have been looking…searching high and low… for that sort of dress…and I finally found one!

Ps:- I did not buy all this in one day lol that would be insane hahaha


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