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Vision In White by Nora Roberts

20 Oct

I haveĀ  just finish reading Vision in White by Nora Roberts. It is the very first novel that I ever read that was written by her. I would normally read Nicholas Sparks’s novels for romantic and touching stories, and I’ve got to say… Nora Roberts’s stories are actually quite good and lovely to read. I would definitely recommend people to read her novels. It is just as romantic and nice as Nicholas Sparks’s novels.

Vision in White is Book One of the Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts.

Sorry about the not so great photos guys kekeke I used my Ipod touch to take them. I borrowed the book from the library, by the way…kekeke

Anyways…good book to read. Definitely recommended to people who love romantic stories! Currently I am waiting for the other three books.



Right now I feel like going to Borders to look for all four of the books hahaha and buy them…it feels like they are worth keeping just like my Harry Potter collection, The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia. I also have the complete Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.